Past Accomplishments

Yukon River

  • YRDA influences the King salmon management plan to include conservation closures of the first pulse of king salmon traveling into the Yukon River in districts Y-1, Y-2 and Y-3.


  • First Chinook salmon cap in the Bering Sea Aleutians pollock fishery is put into place.


  • United key stakeholders in western Alaska to work through the North Pacific Fishery Management Council toward the common goal of getting a hard cap put into place that would limit salmon bycatch in the Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands pollock fishery.


  • Initiated a river-wide Wild Salmon Campaign with all Yukon River processors.


  • Began educational exchanges between Alaska and Yukon Territory to foster learning about the Yukon River Salmon Agreement between the U.S. and Canada.


  • Helped representatives from the United States and Canada reach a legally-binding agreement, The Yukon River Salmon Agreement, to cooperatively restore, conserve, and manage Yukon River Chinook and fall chum salmon, originating in Canada.


  • Received first Congressionally-directed grants for Yukon River information and education and for stock restoration, marine by-catch reduction, and habitat restoration work.
  • Started indigenous capacity-building projects for local Yukon River residents including the YRDFA Fisheries Technician Training Program.
  • Annually funds research to study the salmon life history of Yukon River salmon.
  • Started LTK program to document local knowledge about the Yukon River.


  • Began Salmon Marketing program.


  • Launched an ongoing in-season teleconference to bring together fishers and fisheries managers from the length of the Yukon River to discuss management of the current run.
  • Achieved first limits on salmon bycatch in the Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands directed pollock fishery.


  • Led action to achieve the first consensus state management plan for the region at Alaska State Board of Fisheries (Toklat River Fall Chum Salmon Rebuilding Plan).


  • Established a newsletter to disseminate information on concerns, actions, and future plans for all constituents in order to help them acquire the information and skills needed to advocate on behalf of themselves.


  • Hosted first annual Yukon River Forum, at which delegate members from the region met to plan objectives and strategies for the coming year. The Yukon River Forum continues to provide an opportunity for community members and state and federal agencies to share their concerns and ensure the integration of all management efforts.